Jakob Louis Rümmelein (a.k.a. Jake), is a self-taught artist born and raised in Munich, Germany.

He currently works out of an undisclosed underground location on planet earth, where he creates a world of aliens, demons, fishmonsters and other friendly beings.

When he's not painting or filling his sketchbooks, he can sometimes be spotted exploring the world through the eyes of his analog camera.

Jake finds inspiation in music, movies, cartoons, books, games and the world around him.
gee, what a nerd.


E-Mail: art@jruemmelein.de

Instagram: @jakeitori

2019 started off with a solo art-show at Franz-Marc-Strasse 8 Gallery in Munich titled "Space Aristocrats".

Read more about it in an article written by Nicole Graner for Süddeutsche Zeitung! (If you can read german that is)

If you're interested, also check out my side project THIRTYSIX35 where i post my analog photography work. 

Yes I do take commissions! If you have a specific wish for an original drawing, send an e-Mail to art@jruemmelein.de for more information.

NOTE: So far, personal commission work is limited to ink pen, pencil or colored pencil sketches (a.k.a. black and white or colored drawings), since the workflow of painting is quite new for me and i'm still at the learning stages.

But anything can be talked about.

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